closeup shaving

It is important to avoid unwanted scars while shaving.  If not kept in check, unwanted scars are unsightly and could hinder one’s self-esteem.  Proper shave technique is key to avoiding unwanted scars.

First, rinse your face with water for at least one minute and at that point apply shaving cream in your palm and spread it on your face. Remember don’t apply the cream in large amount, because it’s shaving cream wastage. So avoid waste and apply, as needed. Once applied, wait two minutes.  Why is this important?  Well, it is important because it will cause your facial hair to become softer to avoid scratches.

Later then prepare your razor, place it in the area behind your ear, and then slowly back to your lip area. Once you have a smooth area, then put the razor below the ear again and carry down the same path. It is important to remember, do not hurry, otherwise you’ll cut yourself.  Completing this simple process every time you shave will ensure you have the smoothness shave ever, while at same time avoiding scarring.

Being cuts while shaving is a normal thing. So if you have been nicked while shaving, do not panic. Just use first aid to rectify.

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