Recently I was talking to a potential customer, CEO of local Call Center, about the ideal of creating corporate gift boxes for his hardworking employees utilizing Great America’s Shave Company razor, shave cream and after shave.  Our conversation went on for about one and a half hour.  During our conversation the subject of the perfect shave came up.  It turns out that my newly acquired friend really knows his stuff about shaving.

He shared with me 5 important points/tips about achieving a better shave.  After our meeting I quickly ran to my car, grabbed a pen, and jotted down some notes related to our conversation.  I was so impressed with his shave knowledge, I figured that I would share them with you.  Below you will find the 5 tips to a better shave:

  1. Never use cold water on the face before shaving. You are better off using warm water.  Warm water will prepare your face by softening the coarse facial hair, allowing for a clean and smooth shave.
  2. Be mindful of the direction your hair grows. Knowing this will help guide the direction of your shave.
  3. Though it may be more work, it is recommended to rinse your blades in water every 2 strokes or so. Doing this will help prevent buildup ensuring a closer shave.  Not to mention, this will make it easier to clean shaving cream and hair between the blade grooves.
  4. When possible, do your best to resist shaving against the hair grain. Shaving with the direction that your hair grows will help minimize cuts, scratches, and bumps.
  5. Make sure you rinse your face with cold water after you shave, not before. Rinsing with cold water will help wake you up.  But the main reason for using the cold water is to help close your pores.  Rapid closure of the pores will create a smoother finish.