I have a serious question to ask the fellas, should women buy men gifts for Valentine’s Day, if so, what?  I know what most guys want: plane, trains, and automobiles, but those gifts aren’t practical.  For sure, receiving a box of chocolates from Walmart or a few cheap red roses from your local corner store, won’t cut it.  Guys, just understand that picking out a gift for any man could be difficult.  Women, for the most part, know our needs.  But most women, admittedly, really don’t know what we want.  Bridging the gap between needs and wants, can be challenging.

Last year she bought a beautiful 7 Piece BBQ Set, now the locking tongs are missing and the stainless-steel spatula is falling apart, it has seen better days.  And seriously, what man needs another tie to add to his collection.  A subscription shave plan made with natural ingredients, on the other hand, is the perfect gift that keeps on giving long after Valentine’s Day has ended.

Our recommendation, try our Shave Plan 2 for guys who prefer a fresh, clean-shaving look.  It comes with a Shave Handle, Razor Cartridges and Shave Cream, all at an unbelievable price starting @ $17 every 3 month.  Gentlemen, this Valentine’s Day insist on the “gift of shave”.  What better way could she say, “I love you”.