A few decades ago daily hair removal was considered a thing done by the females only. However, the world seems to be outgrowing this stereotype as men-grooming hair removal products and techniques continue to flood the market. Below are 6 techniques which both genders can use to get rid of unnecessary hairs.


There is no arguing that shaving is the most popular men grooming technique. Apart from using simple beard maintenance products such as razors, it can also be used for hair removal on body part. To make it better, always shower with warm water as it unlocks apertures and raises hair follicles. Also use a good razor, shaving cream and back shaver.  Shave in the direction of the hair growth.


This is one of the most well-known hairs removal techniques, and it gets rid of not only the unwanted the hair but also the roots. It’s convenient since it can be done from home or in a salon. Although it hurts till you get used to it, it’s more efficient for areas with significant hair growth such as the chest, and it takes longer before hair grows back.

Electric Trimmers

If you are looking for quick shave maintenance, then electric trimmers come in handy, but you have to use them frequently. They also have their share of perks such as being irritation free, placing you in control of how far you want to shave and easy to use, hence suitable for anyone with sensitive skin and who does not wish to remain hair free.

Hair Removal Creams

They are painless as all you need to do is apply on the area you want to shave. Leave it for a few minutes and wash. However, if your skin is sensitive then don’t use. To know whether if it suits you, carry out a patch test before you apply. Unfortunately, if you have very thick or dark hair, you may not achieve desired results.

Laser Hair Removal

Although it is not a permanent solution, it has a long-lasting effect in comparison to traditional methods. Its saturation kills the hair root and slows down hair growth. It’s convenient for chest, shoulder and genital hair removal and works best on dark hair on fair skin. Its effect depends on hair growth rate. Consult your dermatologist before beginning laser hair reduction sessions.


Often associated with trimming eyebrows threading and usually carried out in salon.  This is a form of shave maintenance Men can adapt. It involves a crisscrossed thread moved quickly on the hair surface. It is mildly painful at first and causes your skin to blush, but that is a problem you can solve by applying face cream immediately.

In nutshell, all the above are easy and efficient men grooming methods. However, you should ensure you stick to them for better results. If you have sensitive or a problematic skin it’s advisable you consult your dermatologist.