It’s no secret that during summer it is sunny and hot. Sometimes, the heat can get unbearable and makes you lose your cool.  In addition, the heat can make you forget about grooming altogether. Literally. So, what to do? There are many ways of enjoying your summer, keeping the heat at bay, and still maintaining excellent grooming habits. Below are some of the best grooming tips to beat summer heat:

Keep Body on Clean Alert

Our bodies sweat more during summer than other seasons. To control perspiration, ensure you take at least one shower a day. You may need to shower more often if the environment is extremely hot or after strenuous outdoor activities. While showering, make sure you thoroughly clean your armpits, chest, neck, groin area and feet. These areas sweat a lot, and if not properly washed, they can cause you to smell bad. Ensure you scrub thoroughly while showering to prevent breaking out due to residual body oils.

Keep Hair on Point

Hair is an important factor to consider in the warm summer condition. If your hair is long, it is advisable to tie it up to lessen the sweltering heat. You also need to maintain it. Clean and shampoo it frequently to avoid a dry scalp or damaged hair. Otherwise, short hair is more manageable during summer. It requires less attention when it comes to cleaning and shampooing, and it has a cooling effect.  Consider shaving your beard; summer is the time to take care of your skin.  Summer can cause heat boils and make your face quite itchy.  Nothing is more important than high-quality shave care products to make you feel cooler, lighter, and relaxed during the heat of summer.

Keep Sunscreen on Standby

Sunscreen is an essential tool throughout the whole year in general, not just in summer. Since it is summer, you will end up outdoors most of the time. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause terrible sunburn or roughen the skin. Sunscreen is the secret to an enjoyable summer outdoors. It contains a high sun protection factor (SPF) that protects the skin from damage by the ultra-violet alpha and beta rays. To ensure maximum effect, apply half an hour before going outside. Reapply at an interval of 2 hours. Your skin will remain safe, smooth and protected.