Beards are beautiful and luxurious, which is why they have become a fashion and status statement. However, while they are apparently worth it, beards are expensive to maintain and should be handled as a significant investment.  Just like your hair on your head, beards need attention to remain looking great.

As a result, they require expensive shampoos and conditioners to bring out the best. Most people though do not know about the best beard wash or beard care products. They still use ordinary hair shampoos for washing their beards. Apparently, not smart, as most of these regular hair shampoos contain harmful chemicals like the Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) with synthetic compounds.

Additionally, most of these chemicals are responsible for stripping your skin and hair of their natural oils. While you may say you prefer oil-free hair, your facial skin and beard require significant amount of oil to prevent dryness and to promote beard growth. The continued use of these ordinary shampoos leads to dry, rough and brittle facial hairs. They also result in weakened beard roots as well as unnecessary split ends.

Using the recommended beard wash, on the other hand, such as beard care products with natural ingredients reduces the risk of those effects. This is because they are specially formulated to combine with the natural oils produced by your skin. Moreover, their ingredients which include cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil and coconut oil among others, go great with your skin. They not only aim at detoxifying the body, but also result in silky, hydrated, and nice smelling skin and facial hair.

Another significant factor to keeping a neat beard is washing it regularly. This, however, varies from beard to beard. Oilier beards can be washed four or more times a week while manual laborers or those who work outdoors are advised to clean theirs beards more often.  For normal to dry beards it is recommend to wash beard every 3 or 4 days.  Strict adherence to these helpful tips should assist you in keeping your beards looking fresh for a very long time.