To achieve a balanced and healthy skin, you need to be consistent. The good thing is that the whole process doesn’t need to be sophisticated for you to enjoy amazing results. All you need is a basic skincare routine that comprises of a moisturizer, toner, and a cleanser every night and morning. Additionally, you’ll have to scrub 2 – 3 times on a weekly basis. You must do it before shaving.

The first step towards choosing the ideal products is determining the type of your skin.

Normal Skin

This skin type isn’t too dry or oil. A normal skin rarely experiences blemishes and pimples. The pores of a normal skin are small. This skin not only feels smooth to touch, it also looks balanced.

Dry Skin

Dry skin feels rough to touch, and is easily irritated. It’s also itchy and feels tight. Dry skin has a tendency to appear dull, chap and flake. In addition to feeling uncomfortable and thin, the pores of this skin are small.

Oily Skin

An oily skin has larger pores which can be clogged effortlessly thus resulting in a rise of white or blackheads. This type of skin is thicker. Generally, an oily skin is insensitive to harsh climates and chemicals.

Combination Skin

A comfortable skin is an oily ‘’T’’ Zone (chin, nose and forehead). With this skin type, there’s a dry skin around the eye area and cheeks. A combination skin is susceptible to larger pores. It’s also prone to blemishes and spots around the T-zone.

Sensitive Skin

Often, a sensitive skin experiences irritation, dryness, and redness. Harsh ingredients aggregate it big time. Its pores are small. The skin usually feels itchy and tight.

In Summary…

Determining your skin type is very important for many reasons. Primarily, it helps you choose the right shave care products and the right beard care products. Moreover, it helps you know the exact routine to follow.