I have written about beard trimming, beard growth and beard maintenance.  Those articles were from my perspectives, viewpoints and with my opinions inserted.  This time I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to hear about beard trimming from a professional hairstylist, one with tons of experience with men’s grooming.  For this, I sat down with Alexia, a salon owner from Boise.  Alexia is a seasoned hairstylist with 20+ years of experience.  She tells that over time many trends have come and gone.

Here’s the hairstylist perspective on beard trims:

As a hairstylist, I have often wondered about men’s grooming. After all, I am constantly requested to perform beard maintenance. Most men understand that the beard work is different than a regular haircut.  Not to mention, it takes longer, so it is not a part of the haircut. It costs extra.

However, there are some men that expect beard care and shave care as part of their haircut. They sometimes even get irritated that it’s not included in my salon’s charges for a cut. To this, I simply have to stand my ground. I cannot afford to run behind because someone wants an extra tacked on.

I guess the exception would be if someone has less hair. Then I might be tempted to not charge for the beard care. But that wouldn’t be fair to everyone else and I wouldn’t want to risk losing other long term clients.

The question then for me is- why is shave maintenance seen as just something that will take literally a minute? Even with my tools, I still want to do a good job. I have to make sure that there are no loss hairs poking out from the lips. And I also need to clean up any spots the guy forgot to shave.

I love hair styling and men’s grooming is still one of my favorite when the guy is willing to pay for it. It can be fun to be trusted with such intricate detailing. Also, I know that my tools are probably so much better than what the guy has at home. That’s probably why they try to insist so much that beard care is part of the cut.

Because the truth is, having a beard is expensive. It doesn’t get perfectly groomed by accident. It takes precision and skill. So that’s why the tools to get the job done right are so important. And I have them in my hands, but unfortunately, to use them, I’ll still have to charge for additional time.