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Ever wondered why with all your charming looks, great scent, and bewitching eyes you never attract ladies. Yet, beautiful ladies seem to be swooning on your not-so enchanting friend.

Well, the answer might just be what lies on your chin. Yes, women often go crazy when they see a man with a well-groomed beard.

Beards not only make a man look strong, confident and adventurous. Additionally, beards allow men to pull off any style, from a 5-day old light stubble to 10-day old heavy stubble.

If you’re still on the fence about whether women will love your beards, read on the top 4 reasons why women will do.

1) Historic reasons

If you’re a history enthusiast, you’re likely to notice that most of the prominent, and powerful men had beards.  Beards were not only a sign of affluence but also wisdom that came with age.  It’s not a surprise that Egyptian Pharaohs had prominent fake beards, while the powerful Greek Deities pantheon were represented with a hefty amount of facial hair.

2) Beards exude masculinity

From a scientific angle, facial hair, and in our case beards, is a genetic proof of masculinity. The more facial hair an individual hair, the more masculine he’s perceived.  Moreover, beards make the jawline seem bigger, and this contributes to the masculinity of a man.  Women tend to favor more masculine men over the others.

3) Beards radiate maturity

Many women feel attracted to men that do not have baby faces or Justin Bieber wannabes. See, a woman does not want to be your mom, but rather their bae, boo or lover.  Fortunately, beards are superb at portraying maturity in men, and for whatever reasons beards give the impression of a real man; a man who is going to provide and protect their lady.

4) Beards show independence and Commitment

Grooming your beards entails regular shaving, oiling, among another thing. In short, it’s tedious and maintains a full beard is not easy and neither is getting one. Therefore, growing a full beard shows your commitment to achieving your goals.  Similarly, the decision to grow beards implies that you’re independent and willing to stand up for your beliefs.