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The Perfect Shave:

Here are the important tips and tricks to help you revive this grooming formal and minimize the skin irritation, razor burn, and other issues that often accompany shaving.

  1. Usage of a gel. “There’s much less resistance with gel, and I can put it all over my whole face without too much problem,” says Neal Schultz, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. You can use swankier, more luxurious products, but Schultz says that the shaving gels sold at grocery and medical stores will give you just what you need.
  2. Pick a razor with multiple blades and some heft. Hilling says an orthodox razor works best, but there’s a trial-and-error learning curve involved that could lead to scratches and cuts. For the next best thing, try a razor with at least two parallel blades in a disposable cranium. Disposable doesn’t mean cheap, however. “I recommend shaving with a heftier razor with some weight to it,” says Billy Lowe, a Beverly Hills-based celeb hair stylist and Hollywood beauty expert. Simular to Great America Shave’s 5 blade razor system. “The artificial hotel razors will cut you like raw meat. Use a weighted grip for easier slide — hold the razor informally in your hands and let it glide.”
  3. Shave in the direction of your natural growth. “Never shave opposite the hair growth, especially in the collar area,” says Lowe. “So many men make the mistake of ascending strokes in the neck area — it’s a big no-no to go against the hair, specifically in this area. Always shave with the hair.”
  4. Shave more than once. “Once I shave, I shave three times!” Lowe says. “The first time is to get rid of the hair. The second time is to get a closer cut, and the third time is to give a light exfoliation over the skin to disclose livelier, more youthful-looking skin. At 40 years old, I still get carded, and my skin has never seen well.”
  5. Consider electric for sensitive skin. If skin annoyance and razor burn are consistent problems, Dr. Schultz says that an electric razor might be a good selection. If you need to stay with traditional wet shaving, consider shaving on alternative days and be sure to shave only with the grain of the hair, he recommends.