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Let’s be honest; your beard is a natural trap or all kinds of dirt and bacteria. While washing and occasional might just remove the dirt and keep your beards clean, it’s not sufficient enough to keep you well groomed. And this is where beards oil come into play.

When it comes to upgrading your grooming routines, beards oils are essential for keeping your whiskers soft, smooth and scratch-free.

That said, there are plenty of options when it comes to beard oil, and unless you always carry with you a pocket-sized guide to essential oils, choosing the right beard oil can be quite challenging.

In this article, however, we shall provide you with the top five essential tips for choosing the best beard oil for your bushy face forest.

1) Ingredients

The composition of the beard oil plays an integral part in choosing the right oil because the skin is a very delicate organ. Factoring in the ingredients used is vital, especially if you have a sensitive skin and you should be considered to avoid any irritation.

As a rule of thumb, dermatologists always recommend purchasing oil products with natural products and clinically tested products that are safe to use to avoid any side effects.

In addition to the safety aspect, you should also consider your specific needs. For instance, if you’re looking to retain hydration on your beard skin, you should consider oils with hydration-retention properties such as almond oil or ginger oil.

2) Brand

Yes, this seems trivial, but it’s of the essence. Brands play an important role when selecting the right beard oil. Again, as a rule of thumb, always go with the trusted brands.

This is because these brands have been in the game for long, have polished their products, and their products have stood the test of time, meaning that you are treated to best of the industry by making a purchase from them.

Moreover, who would really want their skin to be the experimental guinea pig? So, do yourself and beards a favor and stick to what has been tested and proven.

3) Reviews

Assuming that you’ve probably heard the brand, and know all the ingredients used, what would be a better way of finding out how the product works other than look for reviews for people who have used the product?

When choosing an oil, you would want to go with products that have plenty of positive and five-star reviews. That way, you’re also assured of finding a product that is most likely going to provide you with excellent results.

But, also be aware many companies purchase 5-star reviews of their product in an effort to build trust.

4) Scent

Scented oils are awesome, and ladies love guys smelling great. Trust me.

However, scent is more of a personal preference and depends on the type of scent you want. Fortunately, there’re a gamut of beard oil scents to choose from.

5) Cost/Price

When it comes to skin products the price is versatile at best and can range from a couple of dollars to the near-thousand designer oil.

Therefore, when picking the perfect oil for your beard care, choose an oil that is within your budget range. Most importantly though, choose an oil that satisfies all your beard maintenance needs.

From above, there’re plenty of factors to consider when looking to invest in a beard oil. However, be sure to consider all the above factors when choosing the right beard oil product.  Try Great America Shave Co. beard oil, enjoy high quality beard products at the best price point.