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When a teenage boy gets to be a certain age he can experiment with different looks with facial hair. Some teens want to be clean shaven while others want to create a new look with their facial hair.  Here are some tips to help a teenage boy learn to shave his face without causing irritation or razor burn.

Type of Razor
The type of razor is something that the teen has to keep in mind. The two main types of razors are the electric razor or disposable razors.  Disposable razors can be purchased at through a subscription shave club to help save money. Electric models are usually easier to use but they often do not offer a close shave. An electric razor may irritate the skin. To reduce irritation a razor with a flexible head can be purchased. When using a disposable razor it is important to apply a moisturizing shaving cream to the face to reduce the chance of getting a cut or nick.

When shaving it is best to do so after taking a shower so the skin is hydrated and soft. It is important to get a good lather on the face with shaving cream or shaving gel. When shaving it is important that the razor go with the grain of the hair and not against it. Shaving in a downward motion will move most of the hair. Shaving upward will cause irritation and red bumps. The blades of the razor should be changed often. A dull blade can lead to cuts, even worst, infections. A shave club will be able to ship blades so there will always be a good blade waiting for shaving. After shaving face lotion should be applied to protect the skin.

Most teens do not need to shave everyday. Shaving will not make the hair grow in faster or thicker. As the teen ages he is going to need to shave more often. For the time being the occasional shave will allow the teen to get the look that he wants.