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Men’s grooming is not as complicated as for women, but this does not mean that you disregard the condition of your shave razor.  The fact that Subscription Shave Clubs have made shaving more affordable is also no reason for not cleaning and taking care of your replaceable shave cartridge on your favorite razor. Today’s Subscription Shaving Clubs have contributed to the modern metropolitan men who take special attention to their grooming, which include cleaning your shave razors.

Understand that, when it comes to shaving, what you do before and after you shave are important steps. To improve the cleaning of replaceable head razor, here are some quick tips.


Rinse your replaceable head razor every 2 or 3 strokes across your face.  Rinsing in between razor strokes help prevent build up of cut facial hair and shave cream.


Do a final rinse of your replaceable head razor when your shave is complete.  Place the replaceable head razor under warm water, sliding head back and forth under the water to remove hair and shave cream from between the blades and all around the replaceable head connecting parts.


Pour about 1 or 2 inches of isopropyl alcohol in a small Dixie cup.  Place the head of your replaceable head razor into the isopropyl alcohol to clean and sanitize to blades.


Let your replaceable head razor air dry with the blades facing up to prevent dulling.  Alternatively, if pressed for time, dab the replaceable head razor and blade dry with a clean paper towel.  Do not rub to prevent from getting cut.


Once replaceable head razor is completely dry, place small drops of oil on the blades.  The oil prevents minerals from your water from depositing on the blades decreasing oxidation on the surface.  The oil wards off rust and help keep razor sharp.


Snap the replaceable head razor plastic blade protective covering back on the razor head.  Store your razor in a cool dry place until you are ready for next use.

Try out those tips and you will enjoy the feel of razor against your skin under the foam of your favorite shaving cream.