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Learn the secrets of the perfect shave, the keys to finding the perfect conditioner, and even more tips and tricks in the Great America Shave Co. Latest Blog Section.  Our blog section will allow us to share ideas and great experiences with other like-minded folks.  We want to hear for you!  If you have an idea or a topic that you want to read about related to men's grooming, just shot us an email.


All of the military services imposes grooming principles on their military personnel, as part of their Dress & Appearance or Uniform regulations. For the US Army, grooming principles are controlled in Army Regulation 670-1 – WEAR AND APPEARANCE OF ARMY UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA and are shown below: General Grooming Principles The Army is a uniformed service where discipline is umpired, partly, by the […]


The Perfect Shave: Here are the important tips and tricks to help you revive this grooming formal and minimize the skin irritation, razor burn, and other issues that often accompany shaving. Usage of a gel. “There’s much less resistance with gel, and I can put it all over my whole face without too much problem,” says […]