Shave and Beard Care Products should make you feel…GREAT!

We use only Natural Ingredients in all our products


Shave and Beard care should be as simple as lather, shave, moisturize. Why waste time creating formulas that just look good on the surface?

We sought out to create simple shave and beard care products with all-natural ingredients. We don’t test on animals. We don’t use parabens. All our products—from Beard Wash to After Shave—are completely vegan friendly. Your face deserves the safest and best product available.

Protect and nourish that “money-maker” with great products that are rich in natural oils, aloe vera and eucalyptus. We believe in products that do more than just get the job done. They should make you feel great, too.

At Great America Shave, we want our customers to be TOTALLY FREE from nasty ingredients.  That is why we have compiled a list of 101+ ingredients that we have deemed to be unworthy for use in our products.  Because we care for our customers, we ensure that you won’t find any of these nasty ingredients in our products:

Acetone (Solvent Denaturant)

Acid colours, f or example Acid Red 14 (Colourants)

Alpha hydroxy acids (Exfoliant)

Aluminium Zirconium Octachlorohydrate

Ammonium Sulphate (Surfactant Cleanser)

Amyl Acetate (Solvent Flavouring)

Benzaldehyde (Solvent Flavouring)

Benzene (Solvent)

Benzyl Alcohol (Solvent, Preservative, Denaturant)

BHA (Preservative)

Bromates (Maturing Agent)

2-Bromo-2Nitropropane 1,3-Diol (Preservative)

Butyl alcohol (Solvent, Clarifier)

Butylated hydroxytoluene (Preservative, Antioxidant)

Calcium sulphide (Depilating Agent)

Calomel (Bleaching Agent)

Catechol (Modifier)

Chlorhexidine (Preservative, Topical Antiseptic)

2-Chloro-p-phenylenediamine (Intermediate)

Cocamide DEA (Emulsifier, Surfactan)

p-Cresol (Preservative, Flavouring)

Cyclohexylamine (Additive, Buffer)

DEA laureth sulphate (Surfactant)

Diazolidinyl urea (Preservative)

Dibutyl phthalate (Film former, Solvent)

Diethanolamine (Solvent Buffer)

Diethyl phthalate (Solvent, Fixative, Denaturant)

Dioctyl phthalate (Film former, Solvent)

Dioxin (Contaminant)

Drometrizole (Solvent, UV Absorber)

Ethoxyethanol acetate (Solvent)

Ethyl alcohol (Solvent)

Ethylene glycol (Solvent)

Ethyl methacrylate (Thickening agents)

Formaldehyde (Preservative, Anti-microbial)

Isobutanol (Solvent)

Isopropanol (Solvent, Antifoaming agent)

Lauramide DEA (Thickener, Foam booster)

Mercaptans (Fragance)

4-Methoxy-m-phenylenediamine (Colourant)

Methyl isobutyl ketone (Flavouring, Fragance)

Mixed fruit acids (Exfoliating agent)

Nickel sulphate (Additive)

Padimate O (UV absorber)

Petrolatum (White) (Emollient, Antistatic agent)

Phthalates (Film former, Solvent)

Polypropylene glycol (Humectant)

Propylene glycol (Humectant, Solvent)

Pyrocatechol (Antiseptic, Oxidizer)

Salicylic acid (Preservative, Antiseptic)

Silver nitrate (Colourant)

Styrene (Binder)

Talc (Anticaking agent, Absorbent)

TEA compounds (Various)

Thiourea (Preservative, Additive)

Triclocarban (Preservative)

Triethanolamine (Buffer, Coating additive)

Acetonitrile (Precursor of cyanide, solvent)

Acrylamide Copolymer (Film former thickener)

Aluminium Acetate (Anti-microbial)

Aminophenol (Colourant)

Ammonium Thioglycolate (Antioxidant)

Amyl Dimethyl PABA (UV absorber)

Benzalkonium Chloride (Preservative Detergent)

Benzophenones (Flavouring, Fixative)

Beta-Naphthol (Solvent)

BHT (Preservative)

Bromochlorophene (Preservative)

Bronidox L (Preservative)

Butylated hydroxyanisole (Preservative)

Butylparaben (Preservative)

Calcium thioglycolate (Depilating Agent)

Camphor oil (Preservative)

Cetrimonium bromide (Preservative)

Chlorhexidine (Preservative)

Chloroxylenol (Preservative, Antibacteric)

Coumarins (Fragance, Additive)

Crystalline silica (Abrasive)

DEA (Solvent, Emulsifier)

DEA lauryl sulphate (Surfactant)

Dibenzothiophene (Additive)

Dichloromethane (Solvent)

Diethylene glycol (Humectant, Solvent)

Dimethyl phthalate (Film former, Solvent)

1,4-Dioxane (Contaminant)

DMDM hydantoin (Preservative)

Ethanol (Solvent, Antibacteria)

Ethyl acetate (Solvent, Flavouring)

Ethylenediamine (Solvent, pH control)

Ethylene oxide (Humectant)

Ethylparaben (Preservative)

Glutaral (Preservative, Germicide)

Isobutyl alcohol (Solvent)

Isopropanolamine (pH control, Solvent)

Lead acetate (Colourant)

Mercury compounds (Preservative)

5-Methoxypsoralen (UV Absorber)

Methyl methacrylate (Film Former)

Morpholine (Emulsifier, Surfactant)

Nitrites (Preservative, Colour fixative)

Parabens (Preservative)

Phenol (Preservative, Denaturant)

Polyacrylamide (Thickener, Film former)

Potassium bromate (Antiseptic, Astringent)

Propylparaben (Preservative)

Pyrogallol (Antiseptic, Colourant)

Selenium sulphide (Antidandruff agent)

Sodium Fluoride (Preservative, Oral care)

Styrene/PVP copolomer (Film former, Opacifier)

Talcum powder (Absorbent)

TEA lauryl sulphate (Surfactant)

Toluene (Solvent)

Triclosan (Preservative)

Zinc chloride (Oral care agent)