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Get a comfortable, close shave with our American-made 3-Blade Razor. This shaver has a Vitamin E-lubricated strip for a boost of moisture. Paired with evenly distributed blades, there’s less risk of nicks. Ceramic coating on every blade extends the life of your razor.


For a closer-than-close shave that eliminates razor bumps and keeps ingrown hairs at bay, the American-made 5-Blade Razor is your choice. Armed with a Vitamin E-lubricated strip and rubber fin, it’s comfortable for regular use. The open back design makes cleaning easy.


When it’s time to replace your razor handle, our ergonomically designed handle is a top choice. The anti-slip handle makes your safety a priority while you shave and trim, while the easy 1-click release makes it simple to change blades. It’s the perfect partner to our 3-Blade and 5-Blade Razors.


Our dense Shave Cream gives you the perfect amount of soft lather to get the job done. No strange perfume-y scents or unnatural ingredients here. Inside you’ll find aloe vera, coconut oil, avocado oil, and Vitamin E for a hydrating shave experience you can feel good about.