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Get a comfortable, close shave with our American-made 3-Blade Razor. This shaver has a Vitamin E-lubricated strip for a boost of moisture. Paired with evenly distributed blades, there’s less risk of nicks. Ceramic coating on every blade extends the life of your razor.


For a closer-than-close shave that eliminates razor bumps and keeps ingrown hairs at bay, the American-made 5-Blade Razor is your choice. Armed with a Vitamin E-lubricated strip and rubber fin, it’s comfortable for regular use. The open back design makes cleaning easy.


Soothe freshly-shaven skin with our moisture-locking After Shave. Crafted to be vegan-friendly and paraben-free, this safe-for-all-skin-types after shave helps eliminate bumps after even the closest shave. The blend of natural oils, cucumber and eucalyptus helps prevent redness and irritation every time you shave.


When you’re proud of your beard and want to keep it looking well groomed, our Beard Balm is your perfect match. We kept things simple with natural oils, butters, and bee’s wax for easy sculpting. Fight dryness and reduce breakage with this daily use balm.


Encourage beard growth and nourish your skin with our Beard Oil. This vitamin-rich beard oil is loaded exclusively with hydrating oils like sunflower, rosehip, argan, chamomile and jojoba. Naturally moisturizing for dry, itchy skin, it protects while giving your beard a boost.


Creamy, rich and luxurious are the 3 words we use to describe our Beard Wash. This sulfate-free, paraben-free formula gives a thick lather for a gentle, thorough cleanse. It’s non-drying, so no itchiness after your wash. Get your beard looking right and feeling great with this natural beard wash.


When it’s time to replace your razor handle, our ergonomically designed handle is a top choice. The anti-slip handle makes your safety a priority while you shave and trim, while the easy 1-click release makes it simple to change blades. It’s the perfect partner to our 3-Blade and 5-Blade Razors.


Our dense Shave Cream gives you the perfect amount of soft lather to get the job done. No strange perfume-y scents or unnatural ingredients here. Inside you’ll find aloe vera, coconut oil, avocado oil, and Vitamin E for a hydrating shave experience you can feel good about.

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